Friday, May 26, 2017

Today I am grateful that…

  1. I don’t have to go outside to dispose of my trash anymore! (It’s been raining so much lately).
  2. There was a very helpful sales person at The Container Store who didn’t hate us after we changed our mind on a very large item.
  3. I can afford a monthly parking pass at my new job. This means I don’t have to endure a nerve-wracking hour-long public transit commute with a potty training toddler!
  4. I have an excellent friend who remembered to check in on me on a bi-weekly basis.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Today I am grateful…

  1. That my kiddo likes his new home.
  2. That a friend wants to take the packing supplies from my move. I feel much less wasteful now.
  3. That I spent more than 24 hours without TV. It reminded me how important it is to just be.
  4. That my new allergist is open on Saturdays.


Yesterday I was grateful for…

  1. An evening to myself.
  2. An evening without TV.
  3. Grub hub.