Review of Robbins Farm Park, Arlington, MA

Robbins Farm Park is located on a hilltop, making it the perfect location for their 2 giant slides, which is what they are most well known for. But there’s far more to Savor at this playground than those slides.

Robbins Farm Park Features

  • 2 generously sized play structures, one for little kids and one for big kids
  • Sandbox full of toys
  • Seesaw
  • Climbing net
  • Wooden train engine
  • Wooden car
  • Wooden club house
  • Monkey bars
  • Tire swing
  • Bucket swing set
  • Belt swing set
  • 1 swing seat for children who require back support while swinging
  • Huge grassy area
  • Benches
  • Picnic tables
  • Porta-potty

Our Experience at Robbins Farm Park

Robbins Farm Park is located at 61 Eastern Avenue, Arlington, MA.

There is no marked parking, so I asked a gentleman who was walking his dog if he had any advice. He recommended that I just park on the side of the street. I was nervous about it at first because there is no shoulder on the street, but an hour later all of the other parents had done the same thing.

We arrived at 9:00 a.m. on a sunny Sunday morning in July and were the second people there. Having the playground to ourselves was nice for a bit, but it was also lovely to see the area come alive when the floodgates of children swarmed in at 10:00.

The park was very clean, most of the kids were well behaved, and the parents were attentive but not overbearing. I was able to leave the diaper bag on a park bench with no fear of it being stolen or rifled through. However, I kept my phone and wallet in my pockets.

The smaller play structure is nicely shaded by trees, but the rest of the playground gets beaten on by the sun. Bring a towel to sit on for each person who wants to use the really long slides because they get HOT. Luckily, most of the benches and picnic tables are in the shade on the outskirts of the playground, which is perfect for cooling off your kiddo during a drink or snack break.

Next to the playground is a humongous grassy area where children were riding bikes and flying kites. This was adorable until one of them fell in what we all hope was dog poop (you’ll see why we all hope this in the next paragraph).

The only bathroom option there is a porta-potty that has no lock on it and looks like it has been a year since it was cleaned or emptied. I couldn’t believe how high up the waste was in it – I would guess less than 6 inches from the toilet seat. I asked one of the other parents if there was another bathroom option and she said no, they usually just take their daughter to the edge of the grassy area by the trees and let her go there. No one really sees you out there because it’s over a hill. Luckily, we had a travel potty in the trunk of my car, so we just used that.

If you want even more playground and you’re there outside of normal school hours, you can go to the school playground across the street. We did not do this, but it looked shaded, clean, and the kids over there all seemed to be having fun.

Pro Tip

This park is in a highly residential area, which means you need to arrive well prepared because there are no stores close by if you forget to bring snacks, drinks, or sunscreen.

Ranking for Robbins Farm Park, Arlington, MA

Fun for all ages: 10

Cleanliness: 10

Bathrooms: 2

Easy access to food, drink, and sunscreen: 0

Would we go again?: 7

Total score: 29 out of 50



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