Review of Gather, Boston, MA

Gather is a full-service restaurant and bar in the Boston Seaport. Adjacent to District Hall, Gather is located at 75 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA. They describe their food as inventive, modern American inspired cuisine that accommodates all palates. I describe their food as just plain delicious. Their ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible and a little over a third of their menu is gluten free. If a table is available on their patio, opt for that. They have a large awning and several umbrellas to shield you from the sun or a passing rain shower, and the people watching is fantastic.

What’s Yummy at Gather

The Cucumber Cooley is in every image in this post. I’m mildly obsessed with it. Crop Organic Cucumber Vodka, lemon, a champagne float, and a single blackberry. Make sure to eat the blackberry at the end of the drink. We call it the Boozeberry and it is delicious. This drink is well worth the $13, which is far more than I normally pay for a drink since I usually drink hard cider at around $5.


The Lobster Cobb Salad is the most expensive item on the menu at $29. My department had a meeting there, so the company paid for it when I ate it. You get a decent amount of lobster for your money, and the bacon tastes amazing. The dish normally comes with blue cheese crumbles, but I believe that mixing seafood and cheese is a crime and requested that it be left off.


Savor the mouth watering steak frites that are seasoned to perfection. If you’re looking for a steak entrée that won’t leave you feeling stuffed, this is it. The french fries are just french fries – nothing special.

The jambalaya is pretty authentic, and since my father is from Louisiana I feel like I can say that with a decent amount of credibility. It definitely has some zip to it and will clear your sinuses right up. It comes with bay leaves still in it and the bones still in the chicken thighs, just like it should. I’m definitely full after eating this entrée, but not satieted that I’m in food coma mode.

The image below shows a half portion of each entrée mentioned above – the steak frites and the jambalaya.


How’s the service at Gather?

I’ve eaten at Gather 3 times – twice for lunch and once for dinner. Each time the service has been spectacular. The service at dinner was particularly wonderful. When we told our waitress that we were each going to order a different entrée and share it, they offered to split the plates for us. I do this with my friends all the time when we go out to eat and have never had a restaurant offer to split the plates for us before.

Ranking for Gather

Quality ingredients: 8

Cleanliness: 10

Friendliness of staff: 8

Speed of service: 10

Bathrooms: 8

Safe to eat there if gluten free: 9

Would I go again?: 10

Total score: 63 out of 70


2 Replies to “Review of Gather, Boston, MA”

  1. Sounds good bit a little too far to travel for dinner! I do like the sound of the cucumber Cooley and the boozeberry! 🍸😊🦉


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